services provided

. complete music production from preproduction to final master

. recording

. mixing *

. mastering *

. creative production *

. live sound - front of house mix

. sound engineer @ synchronstage vienna

prices on request, depending on project size and volume of work!

don´t hesitate to e.mail  me for a quote

I’m specialised in mixing - mixing music is largely a matter of taste, only very rarely is there something like “right or wrong”

Therefore I offer to new clients, to do one “demo mix” for free, to find out, if our tastes match, and if I can contribute something useful to your art!

* mixing & mastering can be done in house in very high, professional quality at reasonable rates!

* you can upload your songs for mixing/mastering - request server link, or simply use e.g.

* to provide an easy and troublefree workflow, sessions should be prepared preferably as clean Logic X, or Pro Tools 12 projects. 

. all Plug In´s and automation data should be removed. 

. special FX and software instruments bounced as audio files. (.wav, or .aif file format, 24bit, 44.1 or 48 kHz SR)

* if your original session was done in any other DAW format - the transfer can be done in two ways:

. either all tracks bounced as audio files with the same start position + timestamp

. session exportet as “aaf-file"

. provide reference mixes, of songs/sounds you like to give direction, how you would like your song to sound.

. I´ll give you a quote about the status of your project a.s.a.p.