animal rights & veganism

In my point of view and philosophy, animals are absolutely equal to humans in terms of value and rights - and therefore deserve to be treated that way!! Unfortunately, when one is willing to approach reality with open eyes, it´s absolutely NOT that way, these days. Even the consciousness, that animals are sensitve beings, seems to have vanished almost completely in a vast majority of human minds... (what’s the word “human” all about in the end????) 

I think, it´s a shame, that humans exploit animals in a most cruel way, treat them as inferior beings, or in many cases even worse, than lifeless garbage. Many widely available documentary films  can easily proof this sad desaster of human "civilization".

. “Dominion”

. “Earthlings”

. “Lucent”

. “Schlachthofskandal”

. “Hope”

We live in a form of civilization, that makes it totally unnecessary to breed a sheer amount of animals as a source of food, or resource for clothing and thermal insulation.

And in my opinion also the cultivation and domestication of purebred animals - as companions for humans, or representative objects of pride, or even the most bizarre institution of public zoos is a major crime against the fundamental right for freedom.

I think, that animals should have the right to live in their natural environment (or better, what it once used to be...), in a style they were ment to be, or simply like to exist.

So we need to give them back a little bit of the space, we stole violently, and let them be, what they actually WANT to be! 

Yes, I do sincerely believe, that animals have a consciousness, mind, desires and a free will, much like our own - even if their desires and interrests might not necessarily be iphones, stylish cars, or even worse money - just for money´s sake....

One of the most fundamental steps, that ANYONE!! can undertake, who is willing to help 

re-establish animal rights and awe - and step up against this unbearable injustice and exploitation of sensitive beings - is to immediately STOP consuming animal products and - GO VEGAN!!!

The widespread believe, that this is not possible, or unhealthy for humans is pure nonsense!

I live a vegan life, full of activity and far more, than average sports (trail running, rock climbing, mountaineering) for more, than 20 years, and am still perfectly healthy, and in far superior shape, than many persons, I know, who are often half my age....

Even many world class athlethes these days live and perform their art on the edge - fuelling on an exclusively vegan diet, which explicitely proves, that it is absolutely not necessary for humans to feed on animal protein.


Steph Davis - rock climber & base jumper 

Scott Jurek - ultramarathon trailrunner 

Jenn Shelton - ultramarathon trailrunner 

Catra Corbett - ultra marathon trail runner