jm-custom nº1 - built by Stefan Zirnbauer

after 25 years of research, trial and error - I finally wanted a guitar, where every little detail was perfect for my taste and requirements. 

One day I met Stefan - a master (in the truest sense of the word) luthier & freak in Munich - who is at least as maniac perfectionist, as I am - and was willing and able to realise my - very detailed - imaginations about what my custom guitar should be like, add his invaluable experience & expertise - and make my dream come true!

my expectations were extremely high - and all I can say is - everything turned out just perfect, maybe even a little better than I expected in my wildest dreams - this guitar is simply the best instrument I have ever played - by far! - it sounds tremendous and plays like a dream - very inspiring....

For everyone who is searching for a guitar more special and perfect - than it can be found on the standard market - I´d recommend - visit Stefan - he´s THE man…

I think there´s nothing he can´t build - and what seems to be unbuildable to others is just the most challenging to him!!!

It might look just like any ordinary stratocaster without pickguard, but there are many small, but important details, which make it very unique....

. one piece Maple Neck & Swamp Ash Body

. huge (and I mean really huge) D-shaped neck profile - 45 mm width at nut

. compound fretboard radius 9,5-16”

. contoured neck-heel with 5 bolt mounting

. Fender LSR Nut (special placing for better intonation across the whole neck)

. headstock slightly (about 5°) angled back for more pressure on the nut

. Sperzel staggered Trimlock tuners

. 22 stainless steel narrow jumbo frets

. Gotoh 510 TS-SF1 Bridge with steel block (undercut & free floating)

. Kinman “Impersonator 54” Pickups + additional Di Marzio DP 184 "The Chopper" between bridge and middle position

. custom switching circuit (designed by myself) which provides 28 useful sound combinations

. a special “vintage style” 60/40 log Bourns volume pot, orange drop tone cap

. finish is cherry sunburst - no lacquer just oil & wax