jm-custom nº2 - built by Stefan Zirnbauer

because I´m so unbelievable happy with my N°1, we did it again! 

a bit different this time - it started as an experiment: 

. I always wanted to have a guitar with scallopped fretboard

. because I love the maple neck of my N°1 so much, I thought it might be fine, if the whole guitar was made of the same wood - actually one blank of wood... 

In my imagination, I suspected, that it must be good for resonance, sustain and stability, if the whole instrument was built from one piece of wood, with the grain the way it actually evolved as a tree.

I knew, that Stefan still had a piece of the maple tree left in his storage, out of which he had made the neck of N°1... 

So I approached him with the idea - at first he wasn’t really convinced that it was a good idea to make the whole guitar out of maple - he expected, that the sound could end up too bright. But the idea to make the whole instrument out of the same blank of wood seemed appealing and inspiring to him, too - so he finally agreed to give it a try.

It does indeed sound very bright and crisp - but in a most beautiful way, that I really like a lot. Lightning fast attack & response, heavenly harmonics, absolutely no mud at all in the lower midrange.

The fretboard provides a whole new dimension of articulation possibilities.

Features and dimensions are almost identical to my N°1 except:

. Kinman Extra Vintage humbucker with split switch in the bridge position

. reversed headstock

. made from one single piece of figured maple with a slightly carved top

. add. 04/2015:

New Pickups installed - Very Good!!!

. Neck: Di Marzio DP 186 Cruiser Neck 

. Middle: Di Marzio DP 187 Cruiser Bridge

. Bridge: Di Marzio DP 216 MoJo (single coil, parallel, humbucker)

I never ever would have thought that double blade mini humbuckers with ceramic magnets could have so much of the good ingredients of a true single coil....

thx to Andy Timmons for inspiration to be bold enough to try those pickups - even as a diehard single coil lover....